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There are many misconceptions when it comes to nutrition because there are many articles out there that are lacking facts. Oftentimes these misconceptions about nutrition are spread around to the population and regarded as fact.

Eating Late at Night Will Make You Gain Weight

Myth. Calories are calories and if you eat more than you are able to burn off in a day, it will inevitably lead to weight gain. If you eat a whole pizza late in the evening, it’s the same effect on your body as eating that large portion of pizza in the morning.

Fatty Foods Will Make You Fat

Myth. This is entirely false. Just because a food is high in fat doesn’t mean it should be avoided. Foods high in fat include cakes and pies, but also include avocados and almonds. The latter high fat foods shouldn’t necessarily be eaten in large quantities however, they shouldn’t be avoided either. Beyond that, all fats are not created equal. For example, monounsaturated fats are far better for you than trans fat. Like every other food, it’s all about moderation.

Microwaving Food Makes it Less Healthy

Myth. The microwave has had its share of criticism over the years. The microwave gets the last laugh because this convenient way to heat your food is completely fine and it doesn’t make the food less nutritious. It does cause broccoli to lose its sulforaphane, but sulforaphane can be killed in broccoli by cooking it. The microwave isn’t the only one doing damage, cooking vegetables in any way will take away some of the nutrients it had when it was raw.

Spot Exercises are a Great Way to Target One Area

Myth. Maybe you’d like to focus on your ab muscles so you do sit ups every night to make that fat on your stomach go away. Unfortunately, losing weight just doesn’t work that way. You can do a bunch of sit ups, and your stomach muscles will get stronger, but your body loses weight proportional to the body.

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