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As the dangers of the food industry become more exposed, there has been a growing number of documentaries on Netflix detailing the grievances. Here are five eye-opening Nextflix documentaries that every food consumer should take the time to watch so that they can choose what they put in their bodies with confidence:

FOOD, INC.: Created by Robert Kenner, Food, Inc. was one of the first documentaries to expose the food industry for its unsanitary conditions and inhumane treatment of animals. The film follows food safety advocates Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser as they work to educate Americans about the country’s food supply. With a heavy emphasis on the meat industry, Food, Inc., is a must-watch expose detailing the consequences of what we put into our body.

IN DEFENSE OF FOOD: Food expert and journalist Michael Pollan turns his best-selling book by the same name into this well-regarded documentary detailing the dangers of packaged and processed foods. Pollan uses his stage to educate people about how they can be deceived about the health of what they are eating. By examining all of the additives and chemicals in processed foods, Pollan presents a compelling case to avoid packaged foods.

FOOD CHOICES: This documentary explores health on a global scale and calls in 28 health professionals to reveal the negative effects of how unhealthy food is marketed as being good for you. Creator Michal Siewierski details his journey in losing 50 pounds and improving his overall well-being by eating a plant-based diet.

FORKS OVER KNIVES: This revolutionary documentary focuses its message on the importance of choosing whole foods over animal products and packaged foods. Forks Over Knives presents a compelling argument that food should be used as a medicinal vehicle to treat a host of illnesses as a first step before turning to traditional medicines. The film also laments the declining health of America’s youngest generations due to their consumption of processed foods.

WHAT THE HEALTH: Taking a harder medical stance, this documentary explores the correlation between disease and food, specifically the dangers of processed meat to a diet. Created by Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn, What the Health demonstrates how a plant-based diet can prevent or possibly reverse a myriad of health afflictions.