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Nick Yates

Food and Nutrition Blog

Nick Yates is a seasoned professional who is redefining the food industry.

Nick Yates believes that healthy vending is more than just a good business idea– it is a social responsibility that enables him to spread the message of healthy living around the world. He graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia in 1995 with a dual baccalaureate degree in both business and marketing, and quickly began to tailor his expertise to health and wellness in particular.

Over the next two decades Nick would solidify his position as a bona fide pioneer of healthy food options for people around the world. He founded the world’s first healthy vending company, Healthy Vending Pty Ltd in Australia in 2002. He went on to introduce the concept to the United States in 2006 and founded Fresh Healthy Vending International, the first and only healthy vending franchise concept in the United States.

Fresh Healthy Vending started with humble roots — in fact it planted its own roots, as its level of quality had never been seen before in the market. It soon grew as the premier resource for communities that wanted to rise above the sugary, unhealthy norms of today’s world and instead offer healthy options through their vending machines and micro markets. Now, the brand has extended to have more than 4,000 healthy vending machines worldwide.

Because Fresh Healthy Vending is the leader of the healthy vending movement, it has a large franchise program with over 250 active franchisees. It has enabled social entrepreneurs to encourage healthy eating in community locations such as schools, workplaces, hospitals and medical facilities.

The business has allied with other health-conscious organizations, such as Smart Snacks in School and the Wellness Lives Here initiative in partnership with American Diabetes Association, in order to further healthy vending options for people.

Professional Affiliations

Nick Yates is the Chairman of Generation NEXT Franchise Brands, a publicly traded company and the exclusive franchisor of Fresh Healthy Vending. He also sits on the company’s board of directors. In addition to Fresh Healthy Vending, Generation NEXT is the franchisor of Reis and Irvy’s LLC, which boasts the world’s first frozen yogurt robot kiosk. Generation NEXT is also the parent company of 19 Degrees, an upcoming corporate-focused frozen yogurt kiosk brand.

Industry Passions

In Nick’s work, he is focusing on healthy options alongside traditional dairy products: he is currently working on a fruit-based soft serve that is completely fat-free and only contains cane sugar. The soft serve is approved to be sold at schools. No matter what project Nick is working on, he has an ongoing goal to provide healthy and delicious food options for people of all ages via the most technologically advanced robotic equipment.

Why Keep Up With This Blog?

This site will contain some of the most interesting, newsworthy, and simply informative updates within the healthy food industry, curated by one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the business: Nick Yates.